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South Jersey Cost Controlled Racing F.A.Q.
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How much does it cost to get into racing?

A. Depends. Most entry level ready-to-run kits, with a few additional items, will cost about $400 to get a car on the track. Sometimes, you can find pre-owned equipment from other racers that will get you started for about half that price. Costs are spread differently, depending on whether you run electric or nitro, modified or stock.

Q. Which class should I get into?

A. First, determine if you prefer to race a nitro car/truck or an electric car/truck. Best bet is to come to the track first and see both types race. Talk to the drivers for more information about that class. Also, look for a class that is popular so you'll have more people to race against.

Q. How fast do they go?

A. Again, depends on the class and the size of the track. When you're racing, it's not all about speed -- It's more about driving skill. The fastest cars won't be fast if they do not handle well. You have to be patient and drive well to have hopes of eventually winning a race. Average speeds at the Alpine range from 20-30mph on the track, depending on the class.

Q. I'm new at racing, is there an entry level class?

A. Yes. Just let the race director know that you are new, and he'll put you in a heat/class with other new racers. There is also a novice class available that you can "run what you brung"! Cars, Trucks, and Buggies are welcome, as are "toy class" cars, like Nikko and Radio Shack cars! We want everyone to experience the thrill of racing that we have enjoyed for years!

Q. How much does it cost to race?

A. Club race entry fees are $10 for the first class and $7 for each additional class. If you purchase a "Personal