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The Officially uNoFFicIAL HPI Challenge pics.....

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Orlando Torres

Concorse Winners, Rodney Davis (Right, First and Third place) and Ed Finley (Left, Second place)

Concorse "Honorable Mention"....John Ceci Paint by "Dodgeboy"

Big "E", Eric Jones, and his raffle prize, a Hara Edition Pro-4!!!!

Jammin Jeff Jones (spurcheck) also won a Hara Edition Pro-4!!!!

Ed Finley was also lucky enough to take home an HPI R-40!!!!

The Officially UnoFFIciAL Nitro Stock Champ, Harry (Fast Harry) Ananian!!!!

James Denmark and his winning micro!!!!

Ed McGowen and his Associated nitro stocker!

Not the TQ, but the "B"Q mask for "almost" making the Nitro Mod "A"....Harry (Fast Harry) Ananian

Scooby Horton showing everybody the fast way around Wagner Park!

Super Nitro Winner....Todd Marshall!!!!

Nitro Modified Winner, Eric "Big E" Jones!!!!

Grid for the Outlaw Touring "A" Main!!!!

Drivers for the Outlaw Touring "A" Main!!!!

Tom (The Richest Man I know) Lane!!!!

"Driver" Scooby Horton and "Marshall" Ed Finley plead their cases to Judge Darryl Lee!!!! Scooby lost the lead in the Nitro "A", BY A FOOT!!!!

Exhibit "A" Scooby's tire make the call....LMAO!!!!